E14 LED Amusement Lamp Housing

E14 LED Amusement Lamp Housing


Item Type: YJLED-Lamp-Housing

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Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd provide outdoor&indoor LED fLood fights from 10W to 155W,any led flood light cool beams with no UV or IR radiation ,Long lifespan and energy saving, high efficiency of heat sinking.We also provide some RGB LED floodlights with controller and maintenance free.LED flood lights are one of out hot sale products, we also make and market high power LED lamps, LED strip lights,LED panel lights, LED tube lights, LED falling snow lights,LED ceiling lights,LED  modules,amusement LED lamp, and other  variety  of  LED  lighting products, which are widely applied in backlight, decoration and illumination.

Products No:YJLED-Lamp Housing
1. Weight:48.6g 
2.Base:E14 base 
3. Creating vivid light effect, this system combines a cabochon turbo shape cap and an E14 socket. It is especially applied for E14 bulbs on Amusement rides. Ten colors are available. 




Amusement LED lamps are widely applied in amusement equipments in theme parks, such as Ferris Wheels, Roller Coasters, Carousels, Merry-go-rounds, Wheel Rides, Tower Rides, Flume Rides and Water Rides. 


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