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  • IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights
  • RGB Color - IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights

IP65 Waterproof 750W RGB LED Flood Lights

Item Type: AT542F-M750RGB

  • LEDchip: 288pcs 3W RGB
  • Item Type: AT542F-M750RGB
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Lamp Power(W): 750W
  • Voltage(V): AC 100-277V
  • Warranty(Years): 2
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750W RGB LED Flood lights features:

1.The shell of led flood lights adopt integrated design, it optimize efficiency of heat dissipation.
2,Diffuser plate is the imported from Japan, light is soft; it’s comfortable by eyes’ view.
3. Lamp body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant.
4. MCPET Reflective sheeting is used; it improves more than 25% of lamp effect.
5. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it’s more safe,and easy for installation and package           


Aglare Lighting is a Rgb LED Flood Light Manufacturer, Factory and Supplier from China. We provide high-brightness and energy-saving 250W/500W/750W1000W outdoor led projector Rgb remote led flood lights.used for outdoor lighting, amusement parks,night scene lighting, building lighting, skyscrapers, large hotels, theme parks,  led city color lighting,etc.Let's take a look at them.

Product Parameters

rgb flood light dmx


Model No: AT540F-M750RGB
Power: 750W
LED type:

288pcs 3W RGB

Input Voltage: AC100-277V
Emitting Color: RGB

Working Temperature:

Accessories: waterproof cable / u-shape bracket / remote control / screws
CRI:  75
Beam Angle: 20°,40°,60°,90°
Weight: 17.7KG
Defend grade:  IP65
Warranty : 2Years


  • AT542F-M750RGB
  • AT542F-M750RGB
  • AT542F-M750RGB
rgb flood light dmx outdoor
rgb flood light dmx

Advantages of our rgb led flood light 750w:

1.This 750W RGB Led flood light adopts modular design, smaller in size, 250W power for a single module, more concentrated luminous points, and high luminous brightness in the same area;
2. Different change model. Our modular rgb led flood light use Independent detachable module design, easy to replace, low after-sales cost;
3.Color Changing LED Flood Light
You can select color and control brightness as desired with the remote Control.(Single color fixed, single color flash, RGB gradual change, RGB flash change)
 RGB Flood Lights Dimmable colors 4 modes
Flash and Strobe Modes: Both modes provide you flashing lights, among which the Flash mode change colors every 1 second and the Strobe mode change colors every 3 seconds, offering you fantastic lights with different atmosphere.
Fade and Smooth Modes: both of them provide you color gradient lights, the difference is that the color changes faster under fade mode than that of the smooth mode.
Lighting colors of each mode are changing at random.If working with a DMX controller, it can generate more complicated effects.
4. Our remote flood light:The RGB flood light is a full color LED lamp that can select the luminous color and change mode through the wireless remote control,  and all the lights can keep the same change in the signal receiving rangeRemote control distance is more than 200m.
If you buy several Aglare Color Changing LED Flood Light in different wattage, you are allowed to control them with one remote, and each one comes with a remote so you will end up having a few extra ones as standby.
5. IP65 Waterproof.IP65 rain and dust, The luminaire has an IP65 rating, which means you're also electrically safe in the wet outdoors. Multi-weather resistant, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor lighting use.
6.Our Color Changing LED Flood Light is made of durable materials and waterproof design, aluminum housing provides high heat dissipation and sturdiness, ensuring you can depend on this light fixture for your daily outdoor lighting needs. 
Buy 750W RGB LED Flood Ligh China Direct From Rgb Led Flood Light Factories at Aglare Lighting.Wholesale color changing led flood lighting.Contact us for pricelist and quotation.
※Please read the specification before used:
      1.Any wire damage should be replaced by qualified professional person to avoid dangerous occurs.
      2.Please cut down the input power supply once the lamp works abnormal
      3.Please take measures of lightning protection, and ensure the Input voltage which is stable
      4.Please put the lamp under the dry, ventilated and clean circumstance, and clean and maintain regular
      5.Don’t disassemble by yourself, avoid the electric shock as there is high voltage inside the lamp
With Aglare Lighting as your RGB LED flood light supplier, you can get high quality, durable and reliable high power LED RGB flood light lighting. We are committed to providing products that meet your various lighting needs, whether it is outdoor lighting, amusement parks, architectural lighting, skyscrapers, large hotels, theme parks,led city color light and landscape lighting lighting needs, we can provide you with the best solution . Contact us, let us create a bright and comfortable lighting environment together.

Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. We a manufacturing & trading combo, produce and export amusement led bulbs for more than 10 years.

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