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  • 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights
  • 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights
  • RGB Color - 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights
  • RGB Color - 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights
  • RGB Color - 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights
  • RGB Color - 200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights

200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote LED floodlights

Item Type: AT243F-M200RGB

  • LEDchip: 120pcs 3w rgb
  • Item Type: AT243F-M200RGB
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Lamp Power(W): 200w
  • Voltage(V): AC 100-277V
  • Warranty(Years): 2
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Aglare Lighting 200W RGB LED Flood Lights Product Introduction:

1.Aglare Lighting is a professional manufacturer,factory and supplier of outdoor RGB flood light fixtures.
2. Our high-brightness RGB LED Flood Light AT240F-AT246F adopts modular design, smaller in size, 50W power for a single module, more concentrated luminous points, and high luminous brightness in the same area;
3. Our high-power color changing led flood lights are made of aluminum with high heat dissipation and durability;
4. Aglare LED RGB flood lights 200W can be used for multiple purposes, and can switch multiple effect modes. It is suitable for outdoor landscape lighting, amusement parks,  stages, carnival lighting,etc.
5. The colored flood lights has an IP65 waterproof rating to ensure electrical safety in wet outdoor environments. Suitable for various weather conditions;


Model No: AT243F-M200RGB
Power: 200W
Luminous Flus: 5480±5%
Input Voltage: AC100-277V
Power Factor: 0.9
Chip: Epistar
CRI: 75
Color Temperature: rgb
Beam Angle: 60/90°
Working Temperature: ﹣20℃-50℃
IP Degree: IP65
Finish Color: Black

200w outdoor LED Projector RGB remote led floodlights

Product details:

    This 200W RGB flood light is intelligent and capable of producing various color-changing effects. You can select color and control brightness as desired with the remote Control.for instance, smooth, fade, jump, flash, strobe, and so forth. When used in conjunction with a DMX controller, it may produce more intricate effects.
    Use our RF remote control option if you only need a few constant colors (like red, pink, green, orange, or white) and changeable effects (such leaping, fading, flashing, strobing, or smoothing). 
    The lens Angle of our company's color changing flood light has many choicesThey are lenses of 60,90 degrees.Lenses with differentangles can meet theneeds of lights indifferent scenarios.and is dimmable so you can control brightness and energy consumption. It has a memory function, this RGB  LED flood light keep the color and mode you set last time (easy to connect with timer), no need to reset if power on again. 
    In addition, this flood light is IP65 waterproof, which means you're also electrically safe in the wet outdoors. Multi-weather resistant, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor lighting use.

    Use this bright Aglare LED 200W RGB flood light as outdoor spot lighting for amusement equipments in theme parks, such as Ferris Wheels, Roller Coasters, Carousels, Merry-go-rounds, Wheel Rides, Tower Rides, Flume Rides and Water Rides,LED city color stage lights, carnival lighting, fairground lighting, etc.


200W RGB led flood light Features:   

1.The shell of led flood lights adopt integrated design, it optimize efficiency of heat dissipation.
2,Diffuser plate is the imported from Japan, light is soft; it’s comfortable by eyes’ view.
3. Lamp body adopt surface baking varnish disposal, shape is elegant.
4. MCPET Reflective sheeting is used; it improves more than 25% of lamp effect.
5. External power supply and the lamp body is fixed together directly, it’s more safe,and easy for installation and package.

Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. We a manufacturing & trading combo, produce and export amusement led bulbs for more than 10 years.

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