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On December 25, 2018, our company obtained two utility model patents.

The utility model patent is one of three types of patents (inventions, utility models, and designs), and the utility model refers to a new technical solution suitable for practical use proposed for the shape, structure or combination of the products. In the patent law, the requirements for the creativity and technical level of utility models are lower than those of invention patents, but the practical value is large. In this sense, utility models are sometimes referred to as small inventions or small patents.

On December 25, 2018, our company obtained two utility model patents.

The main feature of utility model patent.

First, the utility model patent only protects the product, and the product should be an entity that has been manufactured by an industrial method and occupies a certain space. All relevant methods (including the use of the product) and naturally occurring items that have not been artificially manufactured are not subject to the protection of utility model patents.

Second, the creative requirements for utility models are not too high, but they are more practical and have great practical value.

The third is to adopt a simplified approval process for patent approval, fast authorization, shorten the protection period, and lower the charging standard.

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