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Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen!

Today, I am very happy to participate in the Christmas event organized by the company. Although it is only a short day, the inspiration and experience given to me in this activity is a permanent spiritual wealth. If this spiritual wealth is flexibly applied to In my job position, I will definitely benefit a lot. As long as I understand it with my heart, I can get a very useful life experience.

Our event location is Dapeng Ancient City. It was built in the 27th year of Ming Hongwu. It is the military fortress of the South China Sea defense in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is known as the “Pengcheng” in Shenzhen. There are majestic ancient city gates, quaint ancient houses, ancient streets, and imposing generals, and the hidden history of Shenzhen as an “immigrant city”.

During the event, we exposed many of our own weaknesses, but after everyone's brainstorming and teamwork, we will finally solve it. This is certainly not the purpose of this trip, but it can fully reflect the cohesiveness and centripetal force of our team. The biggest gain is to let We realized that "there is no perfect individual, but there can be a perfect team." Expansion is just a training model. The most important thing is that we have defeated the demons. From the inner fear to the fearlessness, we have experienced the two tests of psychology and physiology. We have truly realized ourselves, challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves. The goal, I believe that everyone has been inspired more or less from this expansion, understand the spirit of hard work and hard work, but how to apply this spirit to the real work, how to use these Inspired to solve the difficulties encountered in practical work, this is certainly not a problem that can be solved in three or two days. It also requires a longer tempering process. I hope we can slowly digest it and absorb it.

Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. We a manufacturing & trading combo, produce and export amusement led bulbs for more than 10 years.

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