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The 2018 year-end party conference was successfully held!

On January 26, 2019, the 18th year-end party of Shenzhen Aglare lighting Co., Ltd. was held at Yuanxing Hotel (Hakka Emperor).

The employees of each position have their talents, and they enjoy singing and dancing to enjoy this happy moment. At the same time, the December PK Awards, the annual outstanding employees, the annual excellent management, the annual sales of the God of War, the most hard-working sales elite of the year, the new best business of the year, and the outstanding employees commended all the Aglare people. In addition, our company also prepared a generous draw for employees, all employees can win the prize. Finally, the general manager conducted an annual summary and a 2019 outlook, saying that the party was successfully concluded with warm applause



Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. We a manufacturing & trading combo, produce and export amusement led bulbs for more than 10 years.

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