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Amusement Park Lighting using Pixel Led Lights

We provide a variety of colors for our pixel led lights. Take a look at our selection of Christmas decorations, carnival and fairground letter lights, signage, and logo advertisements. Pixel led lights are also needed for amusement ride decorations and funfair lighting.
amusement pixel led lights
In general, Pixel led light IC include many method,such as ws2811/ 2811 ic, dmx512 / dmx addressable , WS 2811,UCS 1903 ,SM 16703,WS 2801 and so on.
Also, rgb pixel neon light such as led outdoor led string, stage lighting ,signage sign, background led landscape lamp , and building decorative Pixel led lights with controller will help people to do a great building advertisement.
People use Pixel Led Lights, especially our new smart dmx control full color RGB pixel dot light as Christmas light/holiday light,and our Pixel Led Lights amusement light / amusement park rides lamp will bring you great enjoy in wedding.
LED cabochon light
Whether you’re looking for a branded sign to sit above your reception or a standalone light up letter for your living room, fairground lighting creates an immediate impact — adding a fun, vintage feel to any space. We design and produce carnival light features using LED bulbs and colourful cabochon caps. They can be mounted on a range of materials, from wood to aluminium, used in almost any environment, and be easily transported.
Welcome to order our led pixel entertainment light balls and rgb strips to use as amusement led,led letters for signage sign !
We are China Supplier,welcome to visit our factory soon.

Aglare Lighting is a leading manufacturer of LED lights for amusement industry. We supply full series of LED lights for amusement parks, funfair and midway rides. The main products are fairground light bulbs,carousel lights, cabochon Bulbs,rgb flood lights for all amusement rides' illumination.
pixel led lights


Shenzhen Aglare Lighting Co., Ltd, was established in 2005. We a manufacturing & trading combo, produce and export amusement led bulbs for more than 10 years.

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