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Amusement RGB/RGBW/tuneable LED controllers and how do they work?

Whether you have RGB, RGBW or dimmable LED fixtures installed in your ride or carousel, bumper car attraction, the right controller is the best way to achieve multiple dynamic effects with your lights. Many of these devices come with remote controls for easy use, while others, such as our K-1000C SD Card SPI Controller for Digital RGB/RGBW LED cabochon lights, operate from 12V-24V.
amusement park lights LED controllers
RGB LED controllers give you full control over your RGB cabochon lights or modules. Likewise, RGBW controllers will offer the same functionality with the added bonus of controlling the extra white chip in your RGBW LED lighting. They create the desired color mix by controlling the brightness of each channel (red, green and blue, plus white for RGBW). So, with an RGB LED strip and controller, you can increase the brightness of the red and blue channels while dimming the green all the way down to create purple.
Which RGB/RGBW/Adjustable Controller Do I Need?
One of the most important factors to consider is the size of your project. For a small LED installation where you need to change the color of an entire LED strip, a device that can be used right out of the box (RGB controller) will be the perfect choice. For larger projects where you need to control multiple channels, a controller with multiple outputs (such as RGB/Dali/DMX) will allow you to control the lights individually, either directly from the controller interface or through a DMX or DALI system. DMX control is commonly used for lighting in theater and stage productions, while DALI is often used to manage lighting for an entire building from a single controller.
Compatibility is another important factor in choosing an LED controller for color changing or adjustable LEDs. Adjustable controllers are designed only for white lighting, which greatly simplifies your LED options. Make sure the controller you are considering is suitable for the input voltage of your LEDs and that the range (the distance between the controller and the LEDs) is sufficient for your specific installation requirements.
Below is a Spanish customer using RGB Programmable Amusement Lights for his playground. The RGB lights used with an external controller enabled them to choose from a variety of vibrant static and color changing modes. As you can see, the end result is bright, vivid and vibrant, and the client was very happy with the end result.
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