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Why RGB LED floodlights are not lighting? What are maintenance methods?

Frequently, customers have found out why the lights they bought in other places have not been used for less than a year or more than a year. What is going on? First of all, let's look at the structure and principle of the luminaire. In fact, most RGB LED floodlights have some differences in their appearance. In fact, the principle is the same. RGB LED floodlights are mainly LED light sources (also known as LED lamp beads), LED power supplies (also known as LED drivers), housings, waterproof gaskets and water-filled glue. LED light source, the driving quality is excellent, the waterproofing is good, the outer casing is thick enough to meet the heat dissipation of the light source and the power source, and the floodlight is basically not problematic. Then, if it is broken, there will be no light, a flash, sometimes it will be bright, what should I do?

Below we analyze in detail the reasons for the failure of several common LED floodlights:

First, let's take a look at the explosion of the structure of the conventional RGB LED floodlights:

The RGB LED floodlights are broken, mainly the light source and the drive. The most important source is the light source and the power supply are not good enough to cause problems. If you use a tool to detect it, you know that the one is broken. The reasons why the RGB LED floodlights are not lighting are:

One: the wire solder joint is soldered, resulting in no power

The integrated lamp bead inside the floodlight is connected to two wires. Whether the lamp bead has any solder joint, false soldering or cold soldering, whether the power input line has loose connection points, open circuit, etc., check whether the driving cable is damaged.

Two: the light source is broken, no light

General floodlights use integrated lamp beads to see if there is a black spot in the middle lamp bead seal position. This black spot is caused by two reasons. The first time, the lamp temperature passes through the glue and phosphor. Another reason for the high temperature formation is that the current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp itself is open or necrotic. In addition, there is no waterproofing of the floodlights. The water inside the lamp is flooded, causing the lamp beads to burn off, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not good. The poor heat dissipation of the floodlight source will also cause the light source to decay (in simple terms, it is not bright before) or it will burn out. If the outer casing is intact, it is still possible to replace the lamp bead, but you need to know the string of the power supply and match the source string.

Three: The power supply is broken, no power

The fault of the lamp is basically the power supply, and the power supply provides a constant current working voltage for the light source, and often many of the floodlights are broken and the power is broken. The power supply has problems in converting AC power into DC power, which may cause the LED flood light to be off and always flashing. This kind of general can't be repaired, only the power supply is changed. Another reason is that the power supply is good, and the performance is just The spotlight can be turned on for a while and then start to flash. This is mainly because the heat of the lamp beolating does not go out, causing it to flash all the time. The fundamental problem is that the casing does not disperse the lamp bead. First, check if the casing reaches 50g/w. Standard, additionally check whether the light source and the outer casing are well connected, and whether the thermal paste is evenly coated. If the power supply is broken, try another power supply and see if the light is still off. If it is not lit, then the problem is not necessarily at the power source. Another reason is that the temperature difference between winter and summer in some areas varies greatly, resulting in the power supply operating temperature being too high or too low to operate stably. Objectively speaking, this power supply is a non-conforming product. If the power supply is broken, then change a good point, a power supply can not be two or three years, the quality will not work.

In short, the RGB led floodlights are not bright. The main reasons for flashing are voltage instability, lamp quality, and power quality. Since the LED floodlights are driven by constant current, the DC voltage after conversion is relatively low. Therefore, the problem of voltage instability can be neglected basically, so the cause of the led floodlight not shining brightly is in the quality of the lamp bead and the quality of the power supply.

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